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Welcome to Rocking Horse Stables...
Glad you could ride in to visit.

Rocking Horse Stables is owned by Jerry and Cheryl McGregor. We are located in Middle Tennessee.

We raise and sell Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses. Our goal is to raise quality foals using top sires and good mares to use as show horses or trail horses.

We currently have a walking horse mare by Silver Design in foal (due Feb. 2000) by one of the top leading sires in the country...Coins Hard Cash.

Right now we have 4 mares, using only two for broodmares. We are not a big facility so we can use are money wisely to be able to choose good quality sires.

Are other mare is a spotted saddle horse who is in foal to Pusher's Repeat by The Pusher CG. (Another top Walking Horse Sire). She is due in May 2000. She has had two good foals in the past. Her last foal is a 19 month old black and white stallion by Pushing Magic (pusher cg). Our stallion was 1999 NSSHA Reserve World Grand Champion Yearling Stallion.

We currently have 2 black and white mares for sale and a black and white stallion.

Anyone interested can email us at

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